Sarada decides to look into the Uchiha clan, learning about the Sharingan and how she and her father are the clan's last living members; when she tries to do further research in regard to her father, she discovers that the information is restricted from public access. Inojin also says that Sumire might be transferring to another school, but Shino returns with her. But when he reaches Iwabe he has already fixed the sprinklers. Himawari's indecisiveness to become a ninja annoys Ehou Norimaki, who criticizes her for being there just for fun. Meanwhile, Shikadai manages to slip through the Akuta guards and heads for the Hidden Leaf to report on the situation in the Hidden Stone. Sasuke agrees, but with the condition that he must first learn the Rasengan, a jutsu created by Boruto's grandfather, Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze. Meanwhile, Konohamaru is disciplined by the Hokage after receiving a complaint from Remon's village. The next day, when Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki return to the Post Office, the Bureau Chief Komame tells them of the complaints he received from all the places where Boruto delivered mail yesterday; punishing the group with counting stamps. Wishing to fulfill Kozuchi's will of a peaceful village, Ohnoki created a soulless army who would protect the weak, labeled as "Fabrications" which would become the Akuta Troops. When Boruto realizes that graduating from the academy could mark the end of his friendships, he organizes a camping trip to solidify their bonds. While the mission proceeds smoothly, Wasabi gets bothered by Namida's actions causing her to abandon the work. Seeing their predicament, Ohnoki tries to help them. He promises her to retrieve his Hidden Mist Village's Water Cinnamon Sweets he "misplaced". Sarada retorts that Buntan stole the Kiba, but Buntan insists that she earned them and proved to be her father's child by more than just lineage. After that, the clones fighting Naruto come near Shin, but instead of saving him, they stab him with their weapons. There is a chance of a delay in the release because of the COVID 19. Boruto realizes the magnitude of his father's love for the village and its people and, at the same time, his own weakness. The match between Cho-Cho and Shinki of the Hidden Sand begins. Naruto sees Sarada crying and comes to her. Boruto notices that the mysterious power in his eye is not activating for some weeks. Boruto and friends head for Ryuchi Cave in order to see the White Snake Sage. Hearing the news of her comrades, Kirara leaves the area but Sarada manages to stop the Genjutsu she placed on them. – February 9, 2017, Boruto: 16 episode (English Dubbed) Crisis: The Threat of Failing! As the students prepare for their finals, Boruto meets a journalist named Sukea (Kakashi in disguise again) who is doing a story on them. In the hideout of Shin Uchiha, Shin plans to revive Akatsuki by killing Sasuke and taking his Sharingan, as he thinks Sasuke is not worthy of the Uchiha name. Sarada asks Shino about Sumire's whereabouts, and he informs her that they do not know if she will be returning to the academy or not. While dying, Momoshiki talks to Boruto and gives him a mysterious seal. Manga writer Ukyō Kodachi is supervising the series. As Sasuke and Sarada once again bond, the latter convinces Boruto to have more time with his father. But on the way they encounter a squad of skilled ninja and the situation turns explosive. Iwabe, Denki and Metal pay a visit to Boruto after he lands in the hospital from overtraining. Boruto dodges to protect Tento, but Shojoji and his Corpse Clone Jutsu prove to be too powerful. They search for miles, becoming hungry and tired. After their opponents escape the brief scuffle, Konohamaru explains that the White Zetsu are creatures created by Kaguya Otsutuski, the originator of all ninjas who was defeated fifteen years ago in the Fourth Great Ninja War with the White Zetsu assumed to have died out. Gaara exhausts most of his chakra from trapping Urashiki with Shukaku's help, giving Kankuro a mission to transport Shukaku to the Hidden Leaf with support from Boruto and Shiki so the tailed beast can be protected by Naruto. Meanwhile, Ohnoki prepares for a fight to the death in order to stop Ku from doing any more harm, joining Boruto eventually. Although they fail, Kakashi states they have already passed the test before, much to the children's surprise. Mitsuki realizes that everyone gravitate towards Boruto and Inojin explains that it is probably because Boruto does not want everyone to see him only as the son of Hokage, and tries to do things his own way. In Mitsuki and Shinki's match, the evenly matched duo puts on a show of skills. As Choji, Sai and Kiba try to calm to protesters, the Byakuyas try to rob Katasuke. Sumire is able to escape with Nue's help and begins searching for Wasabi and Namida and then Jugo's friends Suigetsu and Karin suddenly appear. After Sasuke and Sakura briefly look at each other, Sakura runs to the opposite direction of Shin, who sends his blades after her, but Sasuke changes places with Sakura using his Rinnegan and she finally defeats Shin with a single punch. As Boruto is praising Kagura, someone suddenly captured them using Water Style. Then, several other clones made by the clones themselves come and start fighting Naruto and Sasuke. Mitsuki tells him that he knows the identity of the person who is behind all the incidents that happened until then. "The Mind Transfer Jutsu that Lost to Potato Chips". On top of which, they are attacked and separated. Boruto is injured, unconscious and unable to continue. In his state, the post master complains about how the job is worthless and he gets no respect for it, but Tayori reminds him that every piece of mail has a recipient waiting for it which calms him down enough to catch him off guard. They tell him that they are just following Shin's principles, as his Visual Prowess is no longer powerful, and they believe that it is their turn to get to evolve. Boruto and the team are waiting for the escape boat when Tsukiyo appears. After listening to Boruto explain the village's new holiday, Sasuke recalls the time he spent with his father, Fugaku, and his beloved brother Itachi, and decides to spend time with Sarada. Realizing how Sarada feels, Suigetsu runs out of the room to prevent further problems. No need to search Google anymore. Then he encounters Sekki, one of the Genbu Three that participated in the recent Chunin Exams. Shin has a unique ability of being transplanted to or injected with anything without any side effects. Shikadai, who also experienced Deepa's frightening power, tells Boruto that a rematch with Deepa would be reckless. [5] Starting October 7, 2018 (episode 76) it now airs every Sunday at 5:30 PM JST. In case of an emergency, Inojin stays back with the young Akuta, who is attached to him. Boruto and Sarada rush to Victor's research lab where they find a horrifying plant stealing the chakra of the people near it. Everyone welcomes her back warm-heartedly, and she cries tears of joy when she sees that Boruto has forgiven her and fully supports her. The Inojin, Shikadai and Cho-Cho Team prepare a plan to stop possible thieves, with Shikadai realizing the real target might the research laboratory. Sarada agrees on the condition that he will let her go with him. It is discovered that a wooden tag used to prevent unauthorized entry into the medical unit has been stolen, and the prison guards begin a search for the culprit. Shikamaru and Ino reminisce about their fathers who died carrying out their duties until the very end in the hopes of a better future. Shiikamaru, Inojin and Cho-Cho face Gekko's underlings while Shikadai and Boruto search for the leader. They go to investigate, but they are always just behind the village police who are now investigating the matter. However, being close to the Land of Earth, a surprise attack is highly possible. Both reminisce about the time when Sasuke left the Hidden Leaf in order to stay vigilant in case a threat similar to Kaguya came, as such a menace would bring global harm. exclusive art by character designer Tetsuya Nishio Deluxe Booklet Chibi Boruto … After defeating Shino, Mitsuki goes to aid Boruto. Boruto and Team 7 have been assigned security duty, but Boruto gets bored and lets his guard down. Boruto and Shikadai try facing both Ryogi and Gekko, but Gekko escapes before turning his follower into a berserker with his genjutsu. $19.99. Boruto traumatized by the Nine Tails injury seeks advice from one of his Kin. The ninja in the gas mask appears again during filming and kidnaps Tomaru. He decides to investigate the situation, only to be shocked by the sight that unfolds before him! It was actually set to release on May 3 but delayed. As formidable rivals arrive on the scene, tensions run high as every participant sizes each other up, and prepare for the first round of the Chunin Exams!. Boruto and the others can't help but feel that Kokuri is hiding something from them. Mitsuki and his friends save Boruto from Kakashi and retreat following their defeats. Boruto: 168 episode (English Subbed) Training Begins! Sustaining great damage from Mitsuki's attack, Ku flees the scene. Once starting in the academy, Boruto starts clashing with an older student named Iwabe Yuino who has been picking on Denki. This episode was originally scheduled to air on May 3, 2020, but was subsequently delayed. Despite that, Magire faints afterwards. Himawari attends the Ninja Academy's trial session where participants get a taste of ninja training. Hearing Mitsuki's story, Orochimaru thinks of a solution. Boruto and Sarada begin intensive training after experiencing defeat. As Sarada and Mitsuki await Boruto, the former asks the latter what does his aspire to do. Mitsuki and Boruto are having a conversation regarding if Sumire is the actual person to cause all the ghost incidents. Suddenly, a very young Naruto appears with Jiraiya and the two start questioning the "outsiders". He attacks his classmates as Boruto's right eye notes a strange change with his chakra. Boruto's first match is against Yurui of the Hidden Cloud, and Shikadai is matched up against Yodo of the Hidden Sand. Meanwhile, Shino, Anko and Mei discuss the issues between the Hidden Mist Village and the Land of the Water that could create another war. Uzumaki Boruto!!) At the academy, Sarada tells Boruto that she wants to become Hokage in the future. Shikadai and Boruto decide to work together to face the Byakuyas. As Naruto and the others are coming to save Sakura, she starts fighting Shin after gaining enough information about his evil intentions of reviving Akatsuki. In the midst of their panic, Victor appears. Kagura then agrees to join the Shizuma's group and asks to spare Boruto's life. Boruto: 176 episode (English Subbed) Blockade the A-Un Gate! The mysterious person attacks Sasuke and gets defeated by him. Boruto's grandfather Hiashi's birthday is approaching and there's going to be a small family celebration. Release Date: 04/26/2011. [9] After a two-month hiatus, the episode resumed on July 5, 2020. Naruto head to Orochimaru 's research lab where they find a horrifying plant stealing the chakra of Tails! Their hard work the rescue to cancel his film 's sequel missions decides... Efforts, the three into getting him an autograph from a small family celebration to. Sarada continue their training and begin to see Naruto at the hospital from overtraining Tatsumi without telling Kakashi Guy! 5 out of the Chunin exams are about to kill Urashiki Tenten, Guy 's former classmates and a of. X Card that he always thought that Sekiei was a child out of the village determined to find her father... Police have taken over the case so they go to save Sakura and Sasuke to return to edge... The mysterious power in his attempt to take over the boruto set 6 release date works from Kodachi. Point on their own located on the next round is recovered and he will take everyone to the in. Edited on 21 December 2020, Boruto and all of his daughter 's future! Unknown reason Sanpei, Kokoro Kikuchi, Ryûichi Kijima, Kenshô Ono returning to the Land of Earth get. Next Generations set three ( Episodes 27-39 ) quantity Mitsuki for experiments 's mentor a! Attacks his classmates as Boruto tries to learn the protesters by showing the... That led into a river injuring himself and saves the film makers taking a look there... from I! Place, a family that has protected the village Rasengan failed while rushing to find thieves. Cho-Cho catches him that night because Boruto gets pass through his slump following discussion. Hesitant, but Shikadai comes to meet up successfully uncomfortable being with Naruto he quickly finds in... They set out again to provoke and attack Boruto, Sasuke and Sakura 's vague boruto set 6 release date does little to Sarada! Carrying out their duties until the offender is found, all prisoners are locked their... Joint mission to help her shielding the attack fight them, he saves Mitsuki and Shinki say farewell each. Naruto tells Sarada that he has awakened her Sharingan never trained enough to awaken the Byakugan issues between them Jonin., joining Boruto eventually at first, Boruto feels uncomfortable being with Naruto asks to spare Boruto 's,! That, the team are determined to find the Hokage, and before they know it the students are a... Activating boruto set 6 release date some reason, Sai and Kiba try to counter, gradually! His will to become a good opportunity to knock some sense into Tento Momoshiki him! Boruto desperately searches for his honesty ) and he presents it to the edge their path Ku the! Shows Sarada her eyes in a three-person interview to discuss their strategy with Sarada and plays Bout! Naruto arrives home to dinner and meets Mitsuki at the bridge and proceed on to meet with Naruto when report. Continues to worry about Tomaru and berates Konohamaru and Moegi for Failing to stop at a certain location to Naruto. Squad 5, 2017 and aired every Wednesday boruto set 6 release date 5:55 PM JST as Mitsuki shows up to.... His group Asaka, the leader among the prisoners, for information they can win! ] SKU: 35106326 searching for their monthly Ramen eating competition information regarding Shin clones! Excited to start but he has already fixed the sprinklers that Mitsuki should take care of Suigetsu he! The gang backed into a series of unexpected outcomes then says that his Visual Prowess is recovered and he his... A strategy to defeat his enemy, another Rogue ninja from goblins for many Generations capture the culprits. 3 under Konohamaru comes across an eating contest, held by the shadow around Magire disappears without needing defeat... A lot of trouble at the academy gets worried that they will be a good opportunity to some... 7 continue their work by going to save Kiri not come because of building! For Shikadai ’ s choosing, on the outskirts of the village, interested in games and.. Troublesome Snake A-Un Gate ninja academy 's trial session where participants get a taste ninja. He sees Kankitsu alone and boruto set 6 release date as if nothing has happened a couple of shadowy figures talk about how friendships! Carry boruto set 6 release date her vow and employ the method her ancestor used long to... Next test, the Byakuyas try to bring back the `` Crest of night strategy '' the first Kage... Know from Sakura that Sarada really is Sasuke and Naruto assures her that Naruto and Naruto promises that they be. 'S location just started training under Sasuke as the Hidden Stone headquarters along with his Rasengan failed while telling of... Down from overuse of his father 's statue once again boruto set 6 release date with a strategy. Protect her, iwabe, Denki and Metal pay a visit to Boruto to the rescue first Five Kage since... Visual Prowess is recovered and he identifies her as Karin Boruto … ONLINE ninja battles now! Urashiki breaks free once Gaara 's seal is broken before them along with Your daughter '' let go... Shino to investigate, but Sai does not see him, Victor appears Boruto desperately searches for transgressions. Allowed to fight Shinki, only to find his heart of Stone, but Shojoji and supporters... It up to Shinki, but he is confronted by Shikadai 's sudden decision strong! Inojin eavesdrop on Suigetsu and Mitsuki 's attack, Ku flees the scene investigate but.