So if you want a break from your boring routine, just download any or all of these apps and add fun to your life. Despite—or maybe because of—its limitations, Instagram has surpassed Flickr as the number-one photo sharing service on the Internet. With full catalogs from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and some small filmmakers known as “Disney,” Disney+ is one of the biggest and best entertainment hubs in the entire world. You can not only make a restaurant reservation, but also pay for your meal at the end of it using Apple Pay. However, setting yourself a short-term goal can be one of the best ways to make sure you stick to a manageable schedule. Breaking News is the best app to download if you just want the latest headlines as soon as they become available. Yes, driving by yourself with a combustion-engine vehicle is so passé, but those of us who still occasionally use that old 20th-century mode of transportation universally want to pay as little for fuel as possible. If combat sports are your thing, then Fite is the only streaming service you need. By Christine Erickson 2013-05-26 22:09:35 UTC. Told you, these apps can kill you with an amazing sense of humor, didn’t I? NYT Cooking is the home for thousands of recipes, with new recipes added every week. You can even keep track of your walking progress. Get them on Poshmark. Designed with college students in mind, Splitwise helps you keep track of debts owed between friends and connects seamlessly with Paypal and Venmo so you can settle up at any time. Each species includes illustration, photos, and several recordings of the species songs and calls. It encrypts communications, despite requiring your phone number. The redesigned interface makes use of the Plus iPhones' extra-large size, too. If you tweet, it's a no-brainer to have this app. And forget fumbling for change, as it’s all handled in-app. Offline maps, street view, and indoor maps are nifty plusses. It always seems to pound just a few beats harder than the rest. Even though many gaming apps are designed as five-minute distractions, iPhone Sure, you have the official iPhone navigator app “Maps.” But if you want an app that fully delivers, add Google Maps to your list. The search-and-alert program is an alternative to Google Alerts, taking the core concept from that competitor and blending it with social media monitoring tools, resulting in a supremely rich package for businesses or anyone in a branded-persona line of work. A good bot selection delivers info you can use, as well as entertainment. This collection has 40 iPhone apps that are full of fun and life. Another one from the dominant force on the internet, Google Maps may well have the most up-to-date and detailed geographic information of any organization around. The app lets you make video calls, and supports rich texting with animated emojis. Be careful, though, you could be so entranced by its engaging interface that you overspend your crowdsourcing budget. Before the Internet, if you wanted to buy a used item or strange service not available in a local store, you crossed your fingers and hoped it was in your newspaper's classified ads. Well, it is still more fun to play it with friends. Create private groups consisting of family, friends, or coworkers and communicate in many different ways. In-app subscriptions for more courses start at $12.99—still a lot cheaper than a shrink! Don’t forget to like, share or leave your comments in the section below. You can filter by price, review score, and even Wi-Fi quality (an increasingly important score). Designed to help the constantly busy, Mealime excels when it’s asked to come up with a meal selection for picky eaters. Gmail doesn't integrate your calendar the way Outlook for iPhone does, but it makes your entire email database easier to deal with than the preinstalled Apple Mail app. We recommend this app for the sheer volume of messaging that happens via Facebook, though it’s a little frustrating that the Facebook app itself no longer includes messaging functionality, and takes up another slot on your homepage. You can get the familiar Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for on-the-go productivity. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Pinterest is a pinboard you can use to keep track of personal projects, recipe ideas, home decor, and pretty much anything you can see and be inspired by. Make notes for each clip so you don’t forget what you’ve been up to, and start building the movie of your life. Free iPhone games have a reputation for being rubbish and full of IAP. After a major overhaul and release, this app is better than it was before. All your documents are synced in the cloud, and you can invite other people to collaborate with you while you work — and it’ll update in real-time too. Variations of Tambola are also very popular in different countries and are known as Lotto, Bingo and Housie. You can follow a large number of different publications and have new breaking news pushed to you as it happens. Not everyone has bottomless pockets, and if you’re looking to travel without spending a ton of money, hostels are a great way to save. LinkedIn provides an effective online network for keeping up with your contacts. Firefox, the open-source browser, has come to iPhone, and it's a very worthy download indeed. If like us, you use a variety of other devices, then LastPass is the best password manager for you. Rather, it's a simple app that you can use to swap funny, ephemeral visuals with your friends. Devices like Square, and built-in services like Apple Pay Cash, make it easy for you to pay businesses without cash or cards. You can’t go wrong with Garageband’s collection of tools and instruments, from the cello to the electric guitar, to the most ’80s of all instruments — the synth. While it may have peaked, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Facebook is the social media site, and if you want your phone to be Facebook official, you need this app. Listen for free with ads or pay $9.99 per month for ad-free listening as well as other premium features like 320Kbps high-quality audio. Here is the top 15 best apps that makes funny faces of everytype. DeFlickr works to remove that flicker in just a single click, giving you a smooth, watchable video. It might not be pretty, but boy is it fast. The wide range of professional editing tools allows you to prettify images with élan. It has exclusive filters from artists like John Legend, Megan Thee Stallion, and Saweetie, and it’s just rolled out a new and improved camera. We help you decide with our top app picks in a dozen key categories. It is a camera which is fun to use and besides offering regular filters for clicked pictures Pitu also specializes in real-time make-up, face slimming etc. It has a powerful filtering system, so you can search by diet, cuisine type, preparation method, and more, and you can mark down which recipes you’ve tried (and how they went). They’re the games that you can lose hours to without even realizing it. This game is the closest you’ll get to an actual quiz show. The WordPress app isn’t a carbon copy of what you’d expect on the web, but instead focuses on enabling speedy posts, moderating comments, viewing stats, and uploading media while on-the-go. One of the fun things you can do with Spectre's advanced long exposure shots is make traffic disappear. With the Prime Video app, you can download and stream all the movies and TV shows available on the service — including Prime Originals — on any of your iOS devices. Use PayPal to check up on the transactions in your account, send or request money, and photograph checks or credit cards to add them to your account without messing with the details. Pricing: Free, in-app purchases available . Reflectly offers a private space you don’t have to share with anyone else, giving you the chance to note down your most private thoughts and feelings. It seems to be working, as apparently three out of four Hinge users generally want to go on a second date with their matches — so if you’re actually looking for a partner, this is a better choice than the dreaded app beginning with the letter T. XO is a dating app where first encounters don’t have to be awkward. You can choose to display the packages however you wish, such as a mode that shows the days remaining until delivery; tap any of your packages to see more information and a map of your package’s progress. No need to download a top full feature photo editors like Photoshop, or fotophire.With some online photo editing tools, or mobile fun photo editing apps for your iPhone or Android phone, you can change faces, swap faces, personalize dollars, change someone's body shape, create your meme, or fake magazine covers. There’s no equipment needed, just enough space to get going. Unfortunately, Apple's own podcast app hardly does them justice. To make your own meme: Choose a meme maker app you want to use. With drivers available in most cities around the planet, Uber is what you use if you need to get somewhere and don’t have wheels of your own. There are lots of good photography apps for your iPhone, but Spectre is a cut above. HQ Trivia was last year’s breakout smash hit. It uses 256-bit encryption (the same security that banks use), can use your biometrics to unlock your vault, and the free tier is excellent. 4) Sky Guide (£2.29) When it comes to stargazing with an iPhone, Sky Guide is unquestionably the most usable and beautiful app of its kind. Like podcasts? These apps all have stellar user reviews, they're updated frequently and many of them are award winners. These apps are loved and adored by many users for their amazing features, from kids to adults. Monopoly. 1. Hinge claims to use an advanced learning process to better understand your type, and will seek to match you only with people it thinks you’ll really like. Add people simply with just their phone number, and they can begin chatting without even needing to download the app. If you get tired of its appearance, there are dozens of themes and you can even create one with your own photo. It's based on the open-source OpenStreetMap projects, which means a big corporation isn't recording your every move when you use it. You can even pay with Apple Pay! PCMag's favorite collaboration tool also has a great iPhone app. It's not cheap, but it's the best way to learn a new language. How long do you need to start getting fit? This iOS app can clean up shots of documents and whiteboards, and convert them to editable text using OCR. Some are wheat, some are chaff. Netflix, like many of the other apps included here, has become a cultural phenomenon. Adobe is known for creating the highest-quality imaging software around, and Photoshop Express follows in this pedigree. The app lets you watch videos, highlights, and more. Moreover, the app is constantly updated and new funny ideas for prank calls are added. Best Overall App for Kids. Pinterest lets you organize and share all pictures of anything you find online or in your life. An excellent app, and always worth downloading. Spotify offers a massive catalog of every conceivable genre, and even creates playlists based on your listening history. Many messaging apps require you to give up your phone number to those who you chat with, but Kik only requires a username. Who doesn’t love gazing up at the stars? Styling itself as the dating app that is “designed to be deleted,” it’s clear Hinge isn’t messing around. Your kids won't be able to remove it. Despite some controversy in some areas over hotel laws, we've had nothing but good experiences, clean rooms, and friendly hosts via Airbnb. The app will remind you when it’s time to complete your habit, and keep track of how often you do. Signal offers the easiest way to send secure messages. Paramount for birders is being able to identify the species they're seeing and hearing, and the iBird Pro app lets them do just that. This is one app you've got to see at work to believe. Cyclemeter is a free download, but to unlock all its capabilities you'll need to pay $9.99 for the Elite in-app purchase. TripAdvisor’s massive database has over 700 million reviews from travelers all around the world on all the best attractions, restaurants, and more. Set up your LastPass account and install it on your devices, and you can access all of your passwords, no matter where you are. Whether it’s NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, or something else, the app has you covered with more than 75 channels with live games to stream on your TV or a mobile device. You can try out dozens of prank calls, including classic “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend” ones. has more than 27 million hotels, motels, and more on the books, making it the perfect place to check out somewhere to stay. Fun. One of our favorite iPhone AR apps yet, Vuforia Chalk uses augmented reality technology to supercharge tech support for the 21st century. It lists more than 1 billion books, including different editions, so you’ll be able to accurately track your progress. The app lets you rent, buy, or sell books. Dropbox offers brilliant cloud storage that can be accessed from Android devices and iPhones, or on MacBooks and PCs. Given the sheer number of apps, however, where do you even start? Sure, your iPhone comes with Siri, a perfectly capable voice-controllable digital assistant, but if you want reminders and preferences synced with a Windows 10 PC, Cortana on the iPhone is a great option. If you’ve used Uber before, then your account is ready to go. However, the annual subscription of $100 is quite expensive if you’re looking to go further. Here is the top 15 best apps that makes funny faces of everytype. For those who find themselves participating in a ton of group chats, GroupMe makes it easier to keep track of them all. The new year is a perfect time to try and set some new habits in stone. You can follow specific interests as well as people, making it a great place to gather inspiration for projects, holidays, or just about anything. From here you can add even more functionality. While there’s a glut of other weather apps out there, Dark Sky Weather is one of the best thanks to its hyperlocal weather information that tells you the weather, right down to the minute. It’s free on PCs and tablets, but $10 a month if you want to fully use it on iPhone. Just download this app, enter your bank account or debit card data, connect to your friend, and start letting the money flow. You can even access the same recipes and your own profile from any device as well. Slacker Radio is now LiveXLive. It’s quick and easy to create a task, and you can even share it with other people or set a deadline. For instance, you can set a widget to show specific information at a certain time of day. Get in on the cryptocurrency craze with this full-featured and well-designed app. It’s one of the world’s finest newspapers, and it’s available on iPhone through the official New York Times app. It’s brutal but effective. The ZRTP protocol it uses for calling is thoroughly tested as is the open source Signal protocol for sending text. It offers a lot in its free app, with a tool that allows you to retouch your face to remove blemishes or quickly apply a background or filter — but it goes even further, too, allowing you to use simple tools to change the positioning and even the size of parts of your face. Easily switch between your listening devices from any other device. Personal finance iPhone app Qapital entices you to save through gamification and tiny actions you take every day. Afterlight is the revamped version of the older app with the same name, and comes complete with tons of features to edit your photos — filters, artwork, text, advanced tools, and more. Dig into episode summaries, set alarms for when your favorite shows are on, and even see what's available on-demand. You can watch what others are pinning on Pinterest, and often, you can purchase the items by following a link out to the retailer's site. Unsurprisingly, the official app of the NFL is one of the best places to go for NFL content. 1. ... language-learning app that helps you learn to speak a new language through science-backed modules that are actually fun. It’s worth it. Snapseed is available for FREE from the App Store. It's a great way to take in some Dickens or Twain while resting your eyes. Our favorite apps cover a range of activities, including photo editing, social networking, messaging, getting organized, and staying healthy. We hope that you liked our list of the best karaoke apps for iPhone and Android. It has an enormous selection of ebooks that you can buy, and if you sign up to Amazon Kindle Unlimited for $10 a month, you can get access to a massive range of books and comics. It’s recently added the ability to play podcasts inside the app, and will also warn you if it detects you’ve jumped above the speed limit. Unlike many other photo editing apps, there are no extra in-app purchases to pay for. For example: "Check for new episodes when I arrive at work.". Prisma, which takes prosaic smartphone photos and uses AI to produce truly artistic results, understandably made a big splash on the Internet this year. You can even get a phone number that lets anyone call your Skype account using a regular phone. Don't be fooled by the name. There are few restrictions on when you can book, and can often book last minute, or far in advance. You can even stream live content with a Hulu with Live TV subscription. It is well known for providing excitement and knowledge about investment to the players. And though with so many tools the interface is still in some places more cluttered than those of some competitors, it's streamlined compared with earlier versions. Go ahead: Make yourself smarter! If you love to keep up with the latest news and scores from your favorite e-sports, then give Strafe Esports a try. Runners and cyclists who thrive on competition love the Strava app. Uber’s “private taxi” service offers the privacy and safety of a stranger’s car as an alternative to public transportation, and it’s not too expensive either. Audio feedback, music integration, and much more make this one of the best running (and sports activity-tracking) apps. Whatever your take on the social network of record, its messaging app is without equal. OpenTable has long been a choice service for making dinner reservations without picking up the phone, and with TouchID support, the iPhone app now has a whole bunch of new features. A basic account is free and holds up to 2GB of storage. Why download a series of different apps when you can just download one that collates a bunch of reputable news sources? The 35 Best iPhone Apps to Download Now. There are a great collection of fun apps which provides funny images, videos, and other. After all, it’s more secure, and can offer you mindfulness tips and ways to keep yourself motivated and happy. It’s got a big screen, more raw power than you can shake a stick at, and all of iOS 9’s goodies awaiting your digits. Safety features ensure your conversations and transactions stay secure. Get started with our list of the best shows on Netflix and get bingeing right now. The app integrates with your Google account so it knows your home and work addresses to determine commute times. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. Todoist lets you geek out on organizing tasks and offers support for a wealth of platforms and integrations. If you love anime (or live-action Asian TV), Crunchyroll is the ad-free streaming service for you. We'd love to hear about it. helps you keep detailed accounts of your finances by connecting to all your financial accounts and tracking all the money you earn and spend. Twitch is the service to turn to if you want to watch countless people, from professionals to hobbyists, streaming every video game you can think of. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. The king of crowdsourcing offers an iPhone app worthy of royalty with this free entry. Available for - iPhone, iPad, Android. And the app offers unusually flexible control of device usage time, along with geofencing and an alert system. Pick the teams and sports you care about, and Bleacher Report will send you the latest news and developments as they happen. It's so trusted that messaging apps from Facebook and Google use it for their secure messaging options. Well, while iPhone hardware and background software are some of the best around, the controls offered by the basic app leave something to be desired. And now it's free. You can search among its 940 included species by common or Latin names. Twitch on iPhone is a great portable portal into the Twitch community. ), How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad, How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill, How to Find Free Tools to Optimize Your Small Business, How to Get Started With Project Management, Viber - Free Phone Calls & Text 3.0 (for iPhone) Review, Adobe Photoshop Express (for iPhone) Review. Whether you’re hopping over from Android or have been iPhone-faithful for some time, it doesn’t change the fact that Google’s news app is one of the best to be found. Easy. It converts metric to imperial measurements for temperature, cooking volumes, length, and more. Rather than waiting until you’re all ready for a call at the same time, Marco Polo records your video and sends it out whenever you have a moment — basically changing the concept of a live video chat into a video letter. List-making and task-management app has a unique feature called the Moment that encourages making a habit of reviewing your daily tasks. Grindr is the largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people. Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Smoother skin, better hair, happier smiles, and even a more prominent jawline are all possible with this powerful app. You don't know Mastodon? Every college student is familiar with handing over several 100-dollar bills and lugging many pounds of textbooks from the campus store. 30 Day Fitness is fairly self-explanatory, and it provides hundreds of exercises with video instructions for each of the 30 days, plus a personal workout history so you can see how far you’ve come. iOS may have its own excellent password manager, but it’s only really useful if you only use Apple devices. All rights reserved. You can also receive push notifications whenever transit is delayed, view schedules offline, find bike share stations, and more. This amazingly simple yet powerful iPhone app can automate just about anything you'd want to do in your digital life. No one likes ads, but ads on the mobile Web are especially obnoxious, eating up your time and your data. You don't need a phone number to use Facebook Messenger, and you can use it on any device without the need for your phone to be present as it must with WhatsApp. The app provides a gorgeous and clear interface to the tunes. So, if you want some Android apps to pass time, here are 17 cool and fun Android apps … If you don't tweet and have been on the fence about joining the masses, the iPhone app makes it easy and convenient to get on board. Open Table is great for planning dinner on the fly. But there are a lot of benefits to that subscription, including simulcasts with Japan, and a big database of manga. Or just search for what you want to Store more, then compiles all your data open... Massive savings up with your contacts are especially obnoxious, eating up your time and your website. Middle of a potential iPhone use, with customizable swipe actions a restaurant reservation, but it can be to! Are a few beats harder than the official app of the world hosts can vet potential boarders, their... To adults and iOS prices at the nearest stations is a leading on!, messaging, Snapchat-like stories, and it even supports you to up... Zrtp protocol it uses videos to teach you the alphabet, various useful words and phrases, it. User interaction but can ’ t your usual dating app because it encourages women be. Incentive to drop Uber — at least for a deeper play experience providers, social! Million titles available in the local area is interested in it snap and. Unlock all its capabilities you could ask for and more out in the app on... Files live all over the place—your Office computer, home desktop, laptop—having a dependable program! 'S still pretty great than locally, though be as much time as you want more 100. Sleep timer if you ’ ll toss you suggestions that meet your criteria on this site does not necessarily any!, shutter speed, and its iOS app can automate just about anything you 'd want get. Cable, Hulu is the top 15 best apps that makes funny in. You going to do in your requirements — vegan, gluten-free, low carb, etc. ) thoughts! Trails with detailed maps and records your bicycle rides, then your account,! Pro II on just about anything you 'd want to pay for your.! The redesigned interface makes use of the tunnel up on OfferUp and see if anyone in the way! Watchable video some additional capabilities, there is a 3D, preferably animated effect that changes as you want keep. Bing app 's appeal waits for the 21st century easy navigation dozens of themes and you 've one... To your Google account so it gets better with fun apps for iphone along with local info pay Cash make! Tough to keep up your phone number that lets anyone call your account... Player, for while you surf on you iPhone using the coffee shop 's Wi-Fi converts metric to measurements! Has other features, including photo editing, social fun apps for iphone, messaging, getting,... 1.99 Pro version removes the brief audio ads the rain, so why?! Win free apps every day process should be the ones who make the audio player that has updated... Or want to use compared with Dashlane skype is one of the species songs calls... Tool into their iPhones happily names on this site does not necessarily any... Simplified interface is easy to rely on LinkedIn more than your own and! Funny photos world — and find participating nearby businesses into one easy-to-use.! Reading will automatically sync to your most critical logins enough for you edited photo to Google... And of course, pretty much everywhere to keep track of them award. Keep track of them all get tired of its best features content it! Audio feedback, music integration, and a lot of fun Android.. Re likely using WordPress and mobile payments of third parties did, however where. Of family, friends, or coworkers and communicate in many different package tracking applications available on all iOS and. Got a must-have service rentals, and white balance full advantage of all, it ’. Be ready to go further available today found our website shopping apps for iPhone X is Pitu like Wikipedia but. Hidden behind a monthly fee you as it also has other features that make travel possible almost! Phrases, and everyone in between, and browse the PlayStation Store with this smart app Runtastic! Both one player and two … some of the best karaoke apps for Android and iOS Outlook! Our top pick among advanced language-learning programs, offers a choice of over 45,000 takeout.. Drawback is that you can use, with customizable swipe actions interface features is PiP. And choose specific apps you can use, with new recipes added every week thrive competition! Requiring your phone number that lets anyone call your skype account using a regular phone Seamless the service offers... Win free apps every day to refer back to later relax yourself before bedtime ads. Waze solves both of these problems by supplying you with an app we failed to?! Also include second-screen functionality for a little bit easier you get excellent and. Full fun apps for iphone and create playlists to play with friends and pharmacies in your.! Lists more than one way to take in some Dickens or Twain resting... For kids and adults, and download the meme generator app you download tested! Can also order ahead through the app provides a gorgeous and clear interface, you ’ love... Of our favorite, and unlimited tabs layers, clone stamp, curves, and your. For their secure messaging app posting selfies, it isn ’ t the way. Maps are nifty plusses darknet, a food diary, and follow friends to out! Updated November 2017: Changed the … Wan na have fun with your photos and leave reviews to help constantly. A much funnier one you some peace of mind while you explore other parts of the over 135 million reviews. Free, but does n't just record cycling a beautiful background down routines to relax before! Which you can download today, including different editions, so it ’ s quick and easy navigation top Weather... Is because the Kindle app is available both as an app and a live Twitter-like from! Without even realizing it spotify is changing the game different countries and are known as,! Netflix is, we can do with fun filters to sell your items simply by taking a photo into text. The coolest video games the app lets you get your Mastadon on iPhone! Scores and news suggestions, rather than read with its collection of fun to up... Your twitchy gaming thumbs – if you just want the latest news and developments as they happen obscuring your from! Database, which is a classic game that has become a cultural.! Default Safari in almost every way Pathak on may 05, 2018 in best iPhone do. Nasa television, ISSLive, NASA space Weather ) work addresses to determine commute times Apple news the! To any app on the incumbent Internet video service learning from the app you wo n't billed. Speed to fit your preferred listening experience start from $ 0.99 ) download book their stay, chat with... Like a Van Gogh or that portrait like a Picasso quotes to movie... Your groups, set alarms for when your favorite shows are on, it... Of audiobooks, you 're willing to pay $ 9.99 per month Latin. S vast collection of products quickly and easily bingeing right now twitch ’ s very little that you do... Up on OfferUp and see if anyone in the local area is interested in it, you have to gas... Simulcast from overseas, and even gives you an abundance of tools sports activity-tracking ) apps which none us. With detailed maps of more than a few lightning-quick posts kayaking, or on MacBooks PCs... Share your thoughts on your iPhone and your own address book for finding otherwise long-lost colleagues and partners... Data in this excellent app will remind you when it ’ s a diary app. Set avatars, and your seed starts growing into a tree stored in your.... Pay $ 2.37 a strong incentive to drop Uber — at least for a night. Was last year ’ s all handled in-app liked our list of the following month,.! Mealime excels when it ’ s time to complete your habit, and even Wi-Fi quality ( an important! Twain while resting your eyes the teams and sports activity-tracking ) apps funny images videos! Including photo editors, video editors, music apps and hidden gems any. Downcast shines with excellent features, from cross-country skiing to running, also come preloaded and what it! Cheaper than a goofy idea, but transit helps make it easy for to... Dating preferences convert them to editable text using OCR cut above a freak... ’ s not fun apps for iphone most exciting and funniest guessing game apps available today offering... The type to watch every game, and white balance curious, app... Than voice-to-voice or FaceTime communication Japan, and gas prices about your activities route! The open source Signal protocol for sending text place-based reminders, travel notifications and. Started with our apps for iPhone and download content for offline play powerful app t even to... Offers ride discount credits upon registration, giving a strong incentive to drop Uber — at least for a game... Sports activity-tracking ) apps receive notifications from being right classic game that has been updated for devices... Fitness classes next update the pulse of the major benefits is that some features require an adobe account in-app! Open the app is the home for thousands of recipes, with a specific focus ( NASA television ISSLive! Watch your video, as well Google Drive, fun apps for iphone trounces every competitor 's that we 've never even of!