Fuchsia Display Gardens of the Pacific Northwest The Pacific Northwest region of the United States hosts a number of local display gardens and test beds for hardy fuchsias. Miss California-H- SD U, Pink/White, 1.5' A little known fact is most hardy fuchsias can tolerate full sun with some extra water. Bigger plants get off to a good start in the Nicola Jane -VH- D U, Red/Pink, 2' S U, Dk Aubergine/Dk Purple, 2.5’ Ain't She Sweet- H- SD Lax, Red/Red-Purple, 2' Dorothea Flower -VH- S U, White/Violet, 2' Mieke Meursing-H- SD U, Red/Dark Pink, 2' City of Portland-H- D U, Red/Purple, 2' Red. Silver Pink-H- S U, Pink/Silver Pink, 2' Paloma- H- Reflexa (E)-H- S U, Red, 2.5' Tom Woods-H- S U, White/Red-purple, 2' Sleigh Bells-H- S U, White, 2' Hardy Fuchsias By Kathy Wolfe August 1, 2014 Garden work horses perform well in the Pacific NW climate Such a floral paradise we live in! Marcus Graham-H- D U, Pink/Dusky pink, 2' Aub., Late spring to frost. Hardy fuchsias are her secret. Deep Purple-H- D U, White/Purple, 1.5' Time-released granules that activate in our cool soil are easiest. Prosperity-H- D U, Red/Light. Tessie -VH- S Lax, Pink/Lt Rose, 3' Seattle P-I Home and Garden. Alberta Logue- H- D Lax, White-pink/Lt. them. Heidi Weiss (Sp. In the Pacific Northwest the light is such that they can handle our full sun so long as they receive enough irrigation. Pauline McFarland-H- D T, White/Purple, 1' The Tarns-H- S U, Light Pink/Violet, 2' Heron -VH- S U, Red/Purple, 2.5' Surprise (aka 'Pat's Dream') -VH- S U, Pink/Purple, 2.5' var a=new Image(); a.src=img; return a; Joan Cooper -VH- S U, Rose/Red, 2.5' Army Nurse -VH- D U, Red/Purple, 2.5' If you When spring comes around and the leaves begin to open, prune back about half of the previous year’s growth. Karin de Groot-H- S Lax, Red/Purple, 3' Eusebia-H- D U, White/Red, 1.5' Sheryl Ann-H- D U, Red/White ,2' Q: A recent article discussed the wintering over of upright fuchsia plants (Plant Life, Nov. 21, Pacific Northwest magazine). Clashing Beauty-H- D U, Red/Bright Pink, 2' About Hardy Fuchsia Plants. The fuchsias were established on two slopes beside the steps at the far end of the main transverse of the Rose Garden. George Barr-H- S U, White/Violet Blue, 2’ Whiteknight's Amethyst -VH- S, U, Aubergine/Aub, 6' blooming in May or June. Viola-H- S U, Pink/Blue, 2' Herbe de Jacques (foliage)- H- Margaret Brown -VH- S U, Rose/Light Rose, 3' Madame van der Strasse-H- SD/D U. Red/White, 2’ Lindisfarne-H- S-SD U, Pink/Dark Violet, 2' Pink/Pale Pink 1.5' Coquet Bell -H- S U, Rose/Pink, 3' Copyright Notice | Search | Home | Articles. spreads. Rose Fantasia-H- S U, Pink/Rose, 2’ WSU Spokane County Extension. Gracilis/aka ‘Senorita’ -VH- S U, Red/Purple, 6' In the Pacific Northwest, October is usually the time to prepare your fuchsias for winter. Hardy ones easily fit into almost any landscape, from woodland gardens to formal ones. Cunning-H- D U, Rose/Lavender, 2' Sunray (Foliage)-H- S U, Red/Red-purple, 2' Queen of Naples-H- S Lax, Pink/Lavender, 1.5', Randy-H- S Lax, Pink/Rose, 1' Pink Rain-H- S T, Pink, 1.5’ // -->