Citrus and Asian longhorn beetles. It's the two-banded longhorn beetle Rhagium bifasciatum. How many species are there in the UK? Longhorn beetle (Agapanthia villosoviridescens) Cley, Norfolk, UK, July. ). 12 Leptura quadrifasciata Four-banded Longhorn Common 13 Mesosa nebulosa White-clouded Longhorn Rare Nationally Scarce 14 Molorchus minor Spruce Shortwing Beetle Rare Not Assessed 15 Pachytodes cerambyciformis Speckled Longhorn Frequent 16 Phymatodes alni White banded Longhorn Rare Nationally Scarce 17 Phymatodes testaceus Tanbark Borer Occasional Longhorn Beetles usually have very long horns with just a few exceptions. With over 4,000 species in the British Isles, mostly very small, beetles are often portrayed as being a ‘difficult’ group, the preserve of experts, but many are large and brightly coloured and easy to identify in the field. Tarsi very long; basal segment of metatarsi as long as the others combined, terminal segment of all tarsi long and curved. One of the ways to recognize these dark-colored beetles is by their extremely long antennae. Tanner Beetle. Observation - Four-banded Longhorn Beetle (Leptura quadrifasciata) - UK and Ireland. They tend to use coniferous dead wood for breeding. As larvae, the Four-banded Longhorn Beetle lives in dead wood, boring their way through old tree trunks, stumps and logs. google_ad_height = 250; Size:  Up to 20mm Longhorn beetles, or cerambycids, can be recognised by a number of anatomical features. Europe. Harvey et al. //-->. General appearance is generally elongate and robust; Elytra can be brightly coloured or patterned; Long antennae, sometimes longer than the beetle (musk beetle), although some have very short antennae (Rhagium spp.). Speckled Longhorn Beetle. Legs long and robust with femora only weakly clavate and tibiae without teeth but with 2 well-developed spurs at the inner apical angle. Picea and spruces. 20 May 2013 | Posted in Books Nick sent in this photo of a beetle he found while in woodlands near Barcombe. Some beetles developed relationships with plants as specialised pollinators even … NBN ( has a distribution map for Judolia sexmaculata (Three-banded Longhorn Beetle) Identification References: ( Identification resources for Judolia sexmaculata (Three-banded Longhorn Beetle) ) There are several species of burying beetle in the UK … The six-banded longhorn beetle is a medium-sized, 0.75 to 1 inch (1.9-2.5 cm) elongated black beetle distinctly marked with 8 yellow bands: 2 on the head, 2 on the pronotum, and four on the elytra (outer wing coverings). Here is our guide to British beetle species, including where to see and how to identify. Website. Longhorn Beetles (Cerambycidae) There are many members in the Longhorn Beetle family, approximately 15,000 species all over the world. Wasp Beetle. Tanbark Borer. I just think this is a neat bug. Habitat:  Woodlands As larvae, the Four-banded Longhorn Beetle lives in dead wood, boring their way through old tree trunks, stumps and logs. @import url(; Identify It >   Invertebrates Section >   Beetles Section >   Four-banded Longhorn Beetles >,