When it comes to empathy, actions often speak louder than words. An empathetic CMO can be an indispensable force for good inside an organization, helping the voice of the customer be heard. You probably have a good idea of what audience empathy looks like, but it always helps to see a few successful examples. If I were in your position, I would feel the same way. Audience empathy also creates positive brand associations. You can show you care by giving a hug, sending flowers, writing a handwritten note or offering to mow the lawn or do the laundry. By thinking like their customers, the company showed solidarity and connection during the COVID-19 crisis⁠—and reminded people that maybe they should spruce up their space! When you do these things, it helps the other person feel loved and supported. Unlike campaigns that aim to evoke empathy in the consumer – Dove is a brand that displays empathy with its audience. Empathy, after all, is an extremely attractive personal brand attribute. Its ‘Real Beauty’ campaign taps into the idea that both women and men struggle with low self-esteem, and in turn, encourages empowerment and self-belief. I have seen many examples of the power of empathy in different areas of technology. Let’s look at a real-world example: IKEA recently created a video using footage shot by employees, capturing moments at home. As KIND Founder and CEO Daniel Lubetzky says , “Empathy is one of our greatest tools of business that is most underused.” 8. And we trust brands that understand us, too. In ecommerce, communicating genuine brand empathy is crucial to connecting with your customers on an emotional, human level. That would frustrate me, too. Bonnie then goes into how you can use an empathetic approach with clients, how you can better understand your audience through empathy, and how to really get to know a potential employee or employer. Leveraging empathy for your brand with effective storytelling allows you to tap into this most basic human desire. Empathy, in many ways, is essential for gaining success. As people, we trust others who understand us. Here’s how. For example, Oxo’s Good Gravy Fat Separator: The name spells out exactly what it is, and that it’s better—with the added splash of wordplay. For customers to recognize our brand as a guide, we need to express empathy and develop authority. Brand empathy is about more than crafting ultra-specific customer segments, or understanding customer needs; it’s about truly putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and trying to understand how they see the world. Adam Fridman. That’s why it’s critical that you show your customers that you understand their pains and frustrations. Adam Fridman is a seasoned entrepreneur who enjoys the challenges and excitement of startup companies. Examples of Audience Empathy in Action. Examples of Brand Empathy. Companies can’t maintain their brand font on Amazon’s search results pages, but Oxo saw an opportunity to provide some short, descriptive text on the thumbnails within product pages. ... and you may come across as unprofessional or inconsistent with your company’s brand. I would be asking the same questions as you are. Dove. At its core, this approach is about tapping into the wealth of information already owned by your brand… 7. The following examples of empathy statements will connect you to and reassure your customer: 6. Learn about the importance of representation and the power of a conversation, including empathetic listening and empathy in branding. Principle #1: Express Empathy. For us, who might not have the strongest natural empathy skills, learning happens through life experiences and pain - and it´s worth the journey. As 44% of CMOs take on the challenge of mid-year budget cuts in 2020 – a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic – a modern approach to brand building is needed. Even if you don’t get everything right, your customers will appreciate your effort. Which is how, ultimately, you make a brand sing. It’s important to understand that empathy can be learned.